Positive, creative and passionate business developer, with a track record of delivering results.  Multi-disciplined background including sales, marketing, operations and leadership.  Strong ability to be resourceful and align and augment resources.  Derive much satisfaction cold calling senior executives spark to sales and mutually satisfying relationships. 


  • Secured numerous important accounts, advancing valuation and prestige for the organizations I represented.  

  • Well versed in start-up environments and advancing new initiatives. 

  • Intuitively gain clarity on what needs to be done to advance a mission.

  • Experienced in generating sponsor support, conference production, outreach, audience development, consortium building, publishing and non-profit management, and providing sponsorship marketing services to major brands. 


Business Development Experience

Outreach Experience: Audience Development and coalition building in support of advancing stem cell science and regenerative medicine.

  • 10+ years grass roots eco-system engagement:  

    • Pharma & biotech companies

    • Academic institutes (Office of the Dean, department heads, researchers, Office of Innovation & Tech Transfer, alumni, student publications/LISTSERV’s, etc)

    • Media companies (numerous scientific publications, blogs, local state publications to international publications like the Financial Times

    • Government investment offices, state economic development offices, embassies & consulates, tourism offices

    • Service providers (law, financial, angel investment groups, wealth management firms)

    • Scientific societies and associations

    • Hospitals, Doctor's, Administrators, etc.

    • Patient advocacy organizations

  • Engaged key opinion leaders and stakeholders in efforts to advance FDA policies for cellular therapies through the bi-partisan REGROW Act, which was incorporated in to the 21st Century Cures Act

  • Engaged reporters and publishers at leading international, national and state publications in support of World Stem Cell Summit and various advocacy initiatives

  • Brokered media trades valued up to $250,000 a year with scientific publishers, blogs, national and international publications, etc. in support of audience development for the World Stem Cell Summit

  • Extensive networking at conferences in support of World Stem Cell Summit, generating upwards of 150 face-to-face interactions with prospective sponsors and attendees at some events (ISSCR, Cell & Gene Therapy on the Mesa, ISCT, BIO Convention, etc.)

Conference Experience:  Raised money through sponsors, exhibitors and donations. Proficient in all aspects of conference production and marketing

  • Co-organized the annual World Stem Cell Summit for 10 years, which assembled 200+ speakers, 70+ sponsors ($600k+ sponsor revenue per year from leading academic institutes, hospitals, pharma and biotech companies and service providers) and 1,300 attendees ($300k+ annually).

  • As Associate Director of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation collaborated with the Executive Director to create conference program with 220+ speakers, seven tracks, expert luncheon discussions, and Stem Cell Action Awards

  • Engaged leading academic institutions and hospitals to become organizing partners of the World Stem Cell Summit (Regenerative Medicine Foundation)

  • Involved in all aspects of conference production managing support team with Executive Director

  • Additionally, secured sponsor and exhibit revenue for Ziff Davis, Dow Jones and Burrill & Company ​

Media/Public Relations & Publishing Experience:  

  • Engaged reporters in support of World Stem Cell Summit and advocacy initiatives (Regenerative Medicine Foundation)

  • Brokered media trades valued up to $250,000 a year with scientific publishers, in support of the World Stem Cell Summit (Regenerative Medicine Foundation)

  • Interviewed senior executives of UK venture backed companies and published interviews in the UK Venture Capital Journal 

  • Represented 139 regional business publications, enabling national advertisers to reach local markets with greater efficiencies through a grass-roots network (National Business Network)

Consulting Services Experience: Represented sponsorship marketing strategy and implementation services as well as website scalability testing services

  • Sold sponsorship marketing strategy and execution consulting services to brands like INTEL, ETRADE, etc. (Exoridium Group)

  • Sold website scalability testing services to leading financial institutions like VISA, Citibank, USAA, Franklin Templeton (eTest, Inc.)

  • Secured over $300,000 in pro-bono marketing and public relations services from boutique agencies and service providers (Regenerative Medicine Foundation)

Technology Sales Experience: Selling enterprise software solutions & consumer sales through direct marketing

  • Represented data center management solutions (batch job scheduling, run time error checking & job scheduling) selling to data center managers (NOBIX Software)

  • Represented enterprise network management and security solutions, selling to Chief Information Officers and Network Security and Managers (Enterprise Solutions Technology)

  • Represented C and C++ objected oriented programing software, selling to software program managers (Centerline Software / VERITAS)

  • Represented optical scanning technologies, selling through mail order channels direct to consumers (Envisions Solutions Technology)

From 2007 - 2016, I was keenly focused on the annual creation of the World Stem Cell Summit.  The Summit brings together representatives from pharma, biotech, academic research, ethics/policy/law, government, hospitals, economic development, finance, patient organizations, etc.